Photo restorations, photo enhancements, photo retouching, objects removed, objects created convert from B/W to sepia, prints on canvas.....  I have examples of some of my work below.

This section deals with photo restoration and enhancement.  You can email me at: with any questions.

This photo was restored and enhanced, then printed in a sepia tone on canvas.   I think it is stunning!!!
This ordinary photo of a very special day was made special, too!

I removed all the people and added more shrubbery to fill and now it is a frameable memory.
This was pretty detailed to work on.  I changed overall tone of picture to soften it.  I fixed young lady's hair.  Then, I fixed young man's body posture, moved his leg and turned his whole body slightly, to make a more relaxed look.  Now it is a very nice Prom memory!.
Very detailed work!  Removed bucket from railing, then had to install railing and shadowing to match.  There was a plant at edge of picture, rather than removing it, I filled in with more plant.  Cropped the bottom portion of the picture to balance it and fixed the coloration.  

Also shown with a shadow frame.
This picture was not taken in the best location nor with the best lighting!!!
So, a little cropping, a lot of filling in and overall enhancement and you can actually see this pretty little girl's face!
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